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Chinese order for EBNER

EBNER Industrieofenba Gesellschaftt mbH, based in Austrial, has received an order from southwest aluminium, Chongqin, People's republic of China for a continuous HICON floater furnce to solution heat-treat 1xxx to 8xxx grade aluminium alloy strip. This facility is designed for maximum strip width of 2,400mm(94.4 in) and a strip thickness of between 0.8mm and 6mm(0.03-0.23in).Continuous processing ensures highest throughputs. The scope of supply includes five gas-fired furnace zones, HICON high performance fans and jet headers, combined air/water quench and the entire control centre and visualisation systems. The heat-treatment facility fulfuils all requirements for achieing aerospace grade material, ie optimum strip shape and surface characteristics, high temperature uniformity throughout the heating and soaking phases and high colling gradients according to the technical requirements during quenching in the downstream high-performance coller. Totally contact-free strip transport during the entire heat treatment process ensures the best possible surface quality. The facility will go into operation at the end of 2010.

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